About our ultrasonic cleaner

  • Cleaning tank:  20" X 13" wide X 14" deep

  • total liquid capacity: 16 Gallons

  • ​ultrasonic power: 2400 watts peak / 1200 watts avg

  • ​Transducers: 30

  • heating: 800 watts

  • ​manufacture: Pro-ultrasonics

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can you think of a more efficient way to clean? we can't either!

Ultrasonic cleaning

Offering Ultrasonic Cleaning Services for those really tough to clean parts.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning:

  • Cleans delicate parts without damage
  • cleans small apertures, blind holes and crevices
  • Sensitive parts (wiring, plastics) with relatively mild chemistries
  • Does not require line-of-sight for effective cleaning
  • Cleans without solvents
  • Safe for aluminum, magnesium and zinc
  • Biodegradable cleaner
  • Fast turn around time

How does it work? Ultrasonic machines clean by generating ultrasonic waves into a cleaning solution.  The waves generated separate the cleaning solution's molecules apart causing vacuum "cavities".  These cavities then implode causing "de-cavitations" of ultra-high energy spots of 5000 degrees C.  These de-cavitation's act as microscopic scrubbers that clean effectively.

For example, fuel system components have lots of inaccessible areas that you just can't see to clean. The ultrasonic action cleans these hard-to-reach areas as well as exposed surfaces. 

Because ultrasonic cleaning action only removes oil, carbon, varnish and other built-up dirt, O-rings, seals and plastic can be left in place. High end ultrasonic machines also incorporate a heating element that furthers the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning. The solution we use is an alkaline chemical mixed with water. Alkaline is the opposite of an Acid. Acidic solutions won’t work in this case as acid and oil don’t mix. The alkaline solution reacts with oil and turns it into soap which helps it to clean itself!

Photo's of GL1100 Carb's Ultrasonic carb cleaning service is a low cost alternative to replacing a carb that you cannot get clean with wire brushes and can after can of carb cleaner.  Even that gets expensive and is very messy!  Your parts are Ultrasonically cleaned and packaged securely for shipment back to your location for rebuilding.  If you are in a hurry we can do it same or next day and overnight it back to you.  Walk-in customers by appointment only. We mostly operate thru package services.  Mail your disassembled carburetors to us and we will return them thoroughly cleaned.  We offer a one day turn-around time on our ultrasonic carb cleaning service.

Call (513)341-8977 to make an appointment to have yours cleaned ultrasonically.We also disassemble, clean and reassemble if you are not comfortable doing it your self.  Please call for prices.

We clean throttle bodies, automobile carbs and most any other fuel intake system component with the exception of fuel injectors.  Call for prices.Our email is t2cyclecenter@gmail.com or you can use the Quote Request on our Navigation.  

Our phone number is (513)341-8977.  Please feel free to call if you have questions about our ultrasonic carb cleaning service.Prices are: $35.00 for single carbs and $15.00 each for multiple carb racks. You do not need to break the rack down as my machine is 20 inches wide, just disassemble the internals.